Dawn Sutherland founded the YouBelong Foundation in 2017. She calls herself a misfit-writer-speaker-social-justice-wannabe. She is a tattooed, atypical girl-preacher, author, and human rights advocate. Her heart’s cry is for every person to feel an empowered sense that, no matter their past or current circumstances, that they belong.

Dawn preaches God’s Word woven with personal experiences (and a little humor) to inspire people to live their lives in relationship with Jesus and pursuant to His example. Her heart breaks over Church and social injustices: abuse, racism, gender inequality, and exclusion. As a believer and activist, she rallies women to be the answer to problems in their communities and encourages girls to lead.

She also has a passion for helping people reach their fitness goals, is a group exercise instructor at the YMCA. She lives in Suffolk, Virginia (her hometown and her heart-town) with Louis, the love of her life. Together they have eight kids. Lou has four (Ben, Renea, Jennifer, and Chris) from a previous marriage, and Dawn has two (Katie and Ronnie). Together they have the littles: Selah (6 yrs) and Sami (5 yrs), who have decided to live with their parents at least a little while longer.