mo(u)rning ...or is it morning?

Are you tired, friend? Have you just had enough? I believe this is for somebody out there that has just had it with holding it all together. When plastic smiles crack and scars dig deep, lean into the mo(u)rning.

One of my new favorite things is watching the sun rise. The warm golden clouds floated across a bright blue sky and a cotton candy pink horizon this morning. Each new day is a promise, a beginning, a moment of innocence, a sweet reminder of the mercy and grace that relentlessly pursue us… if only we would turn around. 

The verse that whispered softly into my spirit early this morning was from Lamentations. What a beautifully complex irony. To lament is to weep, to cry, to feel grief, to know real sorrow – the kind that tears at the walls of our hearts and breaks down barriers in our spirit. The Book of Lamentations in the Bible is a poetry dedicated to suffering, to crying out to God.

Isn’t it just like God to hide beauty in ashes? Isn’t it just like Jesus to lean into our hidden parts, our broken places, and break through the darkness like sun rays painting the masterpiece that is the morning sky? Isn’t it just like Holy Spirit to breathe into darkness and awaken life? And, isn’t it like us to underestimate God’s Presence right in the middle of our very own Lamentations?

To deny suffering is to deny our own humanity. To remove the hard parts is to deny the greatest ones. To know the beauty of the morning, we have to experience the night.

Wherever you are this morning, wherever you are this afternoon, God’s promise is fiercely loyal. His mercy will not dry up. It’s as real and as true today as it was 2,000 years ago when Jesus walked on the earth. It’s as strong as it was before your pain, before your grief. It’s as perfect in you as it was before you felt like you screwed up. You can’t mess up enough for Him to abandon you. His love surrounds you, it wraps you up. With every heart beat, He’s whispering your purpose. Mo(u)rning is not the end; sometimes it’s the very beginning.

Dawn Sutherland

misfit-writer-speaker & social-justice-wannabe. I wander, but I'm not lost. I love Jesus not religion. My heart's cry is for every person to feel an empowered sense that they belong, and that we get to face the world wild and equipped with the love and hope of Jesus. I live in Suffolk, Virginia with my amazing husband, Louis and have four awesome kids: Katie, Ronnie, Selah, and Sami. I am also a passionate fitness instructor at the Suffolk YMCA. Subscribe to the blog, and stay tuned in for the book YOU BELONG to be published soon, which will talk about our desire as women to "fit in" and how we can harness that to change the world!