Poetry & Prophets a thread by Jarrod McKenna

Jarrod McKenna is a non-violent activist, pastor, and founder of #FirstHomeProject and #LoveMakesaWay in Western Australia. When I read this thread on Twitter, my heart leaped into my throat. I wanted to post it here, hoping more people would see these words as I see them: both beauty and fire, both powerful and painful, and Holy Spirit whispered for the hearts and ears of many. Please look him up, follow him, all that. He’s for real. 

A Thread by Jarrod McKenna

are poets.
Their life
the paper.
God’s pain
their pen.

Prophets don’t predict the future. Prophets puncture the possible with the sharp edge of Love’s Future, now.

Prophets are sober in a world drunk on power, prestige and privilege.

In a prohibition of cruel indifference and callous escapism, prophets are inebriated in the street on the bootlegged tender-justice of God.

Prophets aren’t merely activists, unless your activism makes the unimaginable possible and the impossible, imaginable.

When you start to feel what you have only thinking, Start to ache what you’ve only analysed, You might be hearing the prophetic.

For the prophets God is not a dogma. God is an inescapable Reality the pain of the poor the suffering of the oppressed the cry of the land.

All living systems – old growth forests, coral reefs, deserts, mountains are not just victims but witnesses to our indifference to suffering.

The poor tell us who we are, the prophets tell us who we can be. So we hide the poor, and kill our prophets. -Daniel Berrigan


Dawn Sutherland

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