Warrior Daughter, Own This Day

There are hard days, then there those days that eek into the hollow shadows of the night with breathless hurt and audible sobs. Where the weight of the world comes crashing in and there is no coping mechanism that can pull back the curtains to brighter days. When your strength is waning in the middle of the night and you’ve kept it together all day, but there’s no one awake to see you break. At least that’s how it feels sometimes, right?

Have you experienced something like that recently? Together, let’s wake up ready to face this day with the vengeance of joy. Find comfort and overwhelming peace within intimate conversations with our Jesus, our God. Let the light flood into your weary soul.

His word tells us that we are His warrior daughters. Put on your armor this morning (Ephesians 6:11) God wants you to know that no weapon formed against you will stand. (Isaiah 54:17) Rise up beautiful girl; you were made to do hard things. Laugh without fear for your future! (Proverbs 31:25) Daughter, you are a warrior princess. You are adopted as a child of the King of the Universe and made in the very image of God himself. Own this day!


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Dawn Sutherland

misfit-writer-speaker & social-justice-wannabe. I wander, but I'm not lost. I love Jesus not religion. My heart's cry is for every person to feel an empowered sense that they belong, and that we get to face the world wild and equipped with the love and hope of Jesus. I live in Suffolk, Virginia with my amazing husband, Louis and have four awesome kids: Katie, Ronnie, Selah, and Sami. I am also a passionate fitness instructor at the Suffolk YMCA. Subscribe to the blog, and stay tuned in for the book YOU BELONG to be published soon, which will talk about our desire as women to "fit in" and how we can harness that to change the world!